City of Vain - Global Song Release

  "City of Vain  speaks of the ironies of life of modern day living"

The reggae track was produced by Sydney based producer/musician Mike Siczynski with his experience and passion in the genre. He had gathered up a collection of musicians in this project to debut the song with authentic reggae feel for the rock-influenced singer-songwriter. 

Catch the song on your favourite platform! Let us know what you think and hope you can enjoy listening to the song while you pray for those people, just like us, who are going through hard times in the big cities. 

Ray Maze music song album cover








Special thanks to everyone who contributed their time and talents to make this happen:

Michael Coggins  (guitar),

Jasmine Faye (vocal)

Kynexx Obimba (vocal)

Carlos C Major (congas)

Mariela Mulder (sax)

Maceo Le Fournis (sax)

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